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Who We Are

Located in Historic Downtown Noblesville, Grindstone Public House is your bustling neighborhood restaurant serving elevated American fare and classic cocktails to help you unwind after the grind. Menu items are dishes we know and love. Teamwork is who we are. Our love for Downtown Noblesville is reflected in all we do. Together we welcome you to our hospitable hangout with savvy all day service, warm, welcoming personalities and food that reminds us of home.

Historic Dining

For 130 years, this historic district has been home to local businesses, social clubs and organizations committed to the vibrancy and vitality of this charming town square.

Originally home to a supplier of stoves, ranges, and plumbing supplies — it seems food prep runs in the bones of this historic building — the historic Castor Building dates back to 1895 when William H. Castor expanded his sights from farming to retail. And the rest is history.

Grindstone Public House strives to honor the legacy of the Castor, as well as the storied past of downtown Noblesville in every dish and drink we serve. But of course, we’ll let you be the judge.

Have a seat. And order up.

Our Core Values






Clancy's Hospitality

Clancy’s Hospitality was established in 1965 in Noblesville, Indiana by Indiana Restaurant Hall of Fame Member Carl Fogelsong.

We believe that hospitality, when done well, can be a transformative force in a community.

Our Mission

Pride in our commitment to technically excellent service, with an emphasis on warm hospitality is the cornerstone of our business. Coaching our staff to think our  customers as guests in our own home. Thats who we are, that's who we will always be. 

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The Historic
Castor Building 1891

Special Thanks

Developed by Clancy’s Hospitality, the property at 101 N. 10th Street once housed the Clark Supply House was given a new lease on life.

“A special thanks to TJ Keene and Loree Everette of Phanomen/design for the partnership and bringing this beautiful and historic building back with vigor in which Grindstone Public House calls home.” – Clancy’s, President/CEO Perry Fogelsong

Grindstone Public House gives a nod to both the building’s heritage and Downtown Noblesville by displaying a decorative mural of the GPH Logo. Designed by Lodge design and painted by Olson Paint Studios, the decorative mural graces a quarter side of the newly refurbished building.

Our Team